Bayer Ballet Academy™
Welcomes students ages 7-18 to Audition for
BBA's Summer Intensive programs for
JUNIOR and SENIOR levels

Summer Intensive ProgramSummer Intensive Program JUNIOR: Ages 7-9
June 12–30 (3 weeks)

Audition by Appointment only
(Audition fee $30)
Register Now! • Ballet Technique Vaganova Style
• Character Dance Class
• Stretch Class

Our highly qualified instructors Mr. Ivan Goliandin and Miss Christina Kongiaka will be implementing a program based on the Vaganova method of teaching ballet technique. The focus of the program will be improvement of ballet technique, posture, balance, flexibility and strengthening. This exclusive summer program is designed for students aged 7-9 years.

The Junior Summer Intensive Program culminates with a in studio demonstration.

Option 1. Three Week Program – Afternoon Summer Intensive
1:30pm to 6:00pm
June, 12-June 30, 2017— $1325
Instructor—Miss Christina Kongaika has completed the official Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teacher Certification Program for 3-15 year old students and is currently the Director of the Pre-Ballet program at Bayer Ballet Academy. Sorry, this option is SOLD OUT!

Option 2. Three Week Program – Morning Summer Intensive
9:00am to 1:30pm
June, 12-June 30, 2017—$1325
Instructor—Mr. Ivan Goliandin—Bolshoi graduate, Internationally renowned Ballet Instructor, graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and current Bayer Ballet Academy Master teacher and Director of Men's/Boy's Program.

Summer Intensive Program SENIOR: Ages 8-18
June 3–August 11 (6 weeks)

Audition by Appointment only
(Audition fee $30)
Register Now! If your child is serious about ballet, you need an intensive program with a strong faculty, extraordinary attention to detail and a rigorous focus on the development of your child. The Bayer Ballet Academy's (BBA) summer intensive is the right option for you. Our highly qualified instructors will be joined again this summer by internationally renowned teachers. This exclusive summer program is designed for students aged 8 to 18 who successfully complete an audition.

About the Program

How do dancers prepare their bodies so that their arms seem to float and the music seem to be drawn through their movement? How is a group of dancers transformed into a "corps" that seems to transmit story and sound as if by drawing a breath? What magic creates a gossamer curve of the arms and transforms complex physical movement into expressions of sheer grace and nobility?

BBA's summer program will immerse the student in the magic of classical dance in the renowned Russian style, sharing secrets, telling stories, attending to the almost imperceptible details that lend grace, nobility and artistry to the athleticism of dance. Rigorous focus on posture and balance development, stretching, strength, movement coordination, stable turns and high jumps and musicality are ingredients in the transforming elixir. Immersion in the attention of instructors seasoned in the Vaganova traditions begins to reveal the secrets. Along with the classical repertoire, we will feature partnering, character dance, and stretching.

Our faculty is again honored to be joined this summer by world renowned ballet Master teachers trained at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Russia. The overall pedagogy is supervised by Dean of the Academy, Inna Bayer—a seasoned professional ballet mistress whose extensive teaching experience is also international, including Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and the USA. In addition, the courses will be conducted by other faculty of BBA and guest instructors.

BBA™ Summer Intensive Program, 2017 on YOUTUBE

BBA™ Summer Dance Camp 2017
June 12 – June 30 (3 weeks) from 10 am to 4 pm

Summer CampBBA™ Summer Dance Camp 2017
(3 weeks—June 12–June 30 divided into 3 sessions)
This program has been specifically designed for our younger students. We will have activities created to stimulate both the body and mind. This camp is intended to give children the chance to experience a variety of dance disciplines.

Session 1 – June 12-16, 2017
Session 2 – June 18-26, 2017
Session 3 – June 26-30, 2017
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Summer CampSummer Camp

Jun 17 – Aug 26th, 2017

9:00-9:45 – Ballet ages 3-4
9:45-10:30 – Ballet ages 5-6
10:30-11:15 – Gym ages 5-7
11:15-12:00 – Ballet ages 6-7
12:00-1:00 – Ballet ages 8-10

Cost: Jun 17 – Aug 26th, 2017
1 class per week – $200
2 classes per week – $365
Drop in classes – $20 (one class), $35 (two classes)

Call 650.988.9971
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