BBA™ Programs

Elementary Program
This is where children begin to study ballet. All of the classes are taught with the integrity of a class aimed at the pre-professional level. All who study at the Bayer Ballet Academy™ are given the caliber of training to prepare them for more devoted training.

Children who do not have an interest in pursuing a career in dance will still enjoy the fun, discipline and artistry of ballet during their classes.

Performance Program—Starting at Level I
As children progress they may achieve the Performance Program Level. This Level provides additional opportunities for performance. With this privilege comes the responsibility of attendance. Students invited to be in the program must attend required and additional classes per week, depending on their level of ability. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Students who take less than the minimum classes required for the Performance Program will still be able to dance in their annual class showcase.
Bayer Ballet Academy students

BBA™ Classes

The Classical Ballet Technique—Using Vaganova's Method
"As I understand it, the Vaganova method is not only about how to execute individual movements or how legs, hands, and bodies move. It is a complex coordination of the whole body; the harmony of movement. The Vaganova's exercise incorporates so many elements of dance that the dancer is already prepared to dance".
—Altynay Asylmuratova, Artistic Director of Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Character Dance (Folk Dances)
Students explore dances in various characters, such as Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Gypsy, Romanian, Bulgarian, Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Arabic Character Dance develop expressive power of movements, style, co-ordination and rhythm. Children experience the pure joy of dancing.

Pointe Work
Students will be invited to dance en pointe when their dancing has reached the appropriate level but generally not before age eight-nine.
Bayer Ballet Academy students
Gymnastics, Stretching, Conditioning
Helps develop joint flexibility and strength, gives some basic acrobatic training.

Studying the classical ballet repertoire for show performances.
Develops style and crisp execution, artistic ability, wile enhancing self esteem.

Classes help to develop rhythm, co-ordination, and attention. Included special ballet gymnastics to foster flexibility, agility and posture. Pre-ballet also helps develop the habits of learning and repeating movements with increasing complexity.

Ballet Technique Program
Ballet classes created specifically for the convenience of today's busy students. Classes are perfect for students who want to take extra lessons, or those who do not wish to enroll in a full ballet program. Conducted at the same high quality as those in our pre-professional levels. However, they focus on the technical elements of ballet and not on a combination of performance preparation and technique. The goals of these classes are to familiarize the student with the art of ballet, and create conditions for their growth.

Boys' Program (age 10+)
All boys classes 4 days a week.

Classes will:
• Focus on specific skills such as jumps, turns and presentation
• Teach responsibilities of a strong dance partner
• Develop upper body strength
• Build a strong foundation in Ballet technique
• Provide teaching from internationally renowned Ballet Masters
• Teach a variety of repertoires
• Encourage you to challenge and be challenged by your peers
• Develop camaraderie with fellow dancers
• Give you professional performance and competition opportunities

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