Announcing NEW Boys Division Program!


Bayer Ballet Academy is very excited to announce the opening of a new boys division starting 2015-2016 school year! The program focuses on strengthening the core, posture alignment, improvement of endurance, developing artistic and acting skills through the art of ballet with many performance opportunities.

Our students participate in professionally staged youth ballet performances and productions, including our annual winter production and summer showcase. This winter our dancers will participate in "The Snow Queen", a two-acts ballet production based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. In "The Snow Queen" the boys perform many roles, including the main character named Kai, robbers, little prince, toy soldier etc. This original ballet production was premiered in December 2014 with huge success and was sold out. BBA's second annual performance takes place in early summer and is an explosion of different dance styles, including contemporary and character (folk) dances. This is the opportunity to showcase our boys’ technical and acting skills in addition to the classical ballet technique.

BBA’s boys program is truly unique and goes beyond developing a standard set of technical skills. It is based on the world famous Vaganova style ballet training and is taught by highly qualified Ballet Master, Ivan Goliandin, trained in Russia at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Our boys ballet technique classes provide strong foundation, improve balance and coordination, develop musicality, beautiful posture and lines. The program is enhanced with character (folk) dance and contemporary classes, which allow young dancers explore various dance styles and develop artistic expression through the art of dancing. Our choreography is often based on stories and fairy tales, taking our students on a beautiful journey coming to life on stage at professional performances.

In addition to physical strength and artistry, our rigorous training program helps students to develop responsibility, discipline and organizational skills. They work hard in class, support each other and take pride in their stage performances. These skills help our dancers excel at school and in life. They become self-confident and creative.

We have enjoyed watching our boys grow and develop into fine young dancers. While many of our dancers as they grow up pursue a career other than dancing, some choose to dance professionally. BBA has an increasing track record of preparing professional young dancers who receive top places in competitions and placements in professional ballet companies. This year we were excited to learn that our former student, Daniel Rubin, graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, in Moscow, Russia, and will be joining the Eifman Ballet in St. Petersburg as their first American male dancer.

In our mission to continue offering outstanding male ballet program in the San Francisco Bay Area, this school year we are launching exclusive boys program, which will include four weekly boys only classes. In addition, boys will have opportunity to attend classes with girls. As part of the program, boys will focus on developing specific skills such as jumps, turns, and presentation. They will learn the responsibilities of a strong dance partner, develop upper body strength, and experience camaraderie with their fellow dancers. All this training will take place under the instruction of Ballet Master Ivan Goliandin and will culminate in professional quality stage performance opportunities.

We welcome all boys between the ages of 8-18 to join us in this challenging journey to become beautiful dancers and artists, develop self-confidence and responsibility. Do not miss this unique opportunity and join us this year for an amazing journey through the art of ballet!

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All boys classes 4 days a week. Classes will:

• Focus on specific skills such as jumps, turns and presentation
• Teach responsibilities of a strong dance partner
• Develop upper body strength
• Build a strong foundation in Ballet technique
• Provide teaching from internationally renowned Ballet Masters
• Teach a variety of repertoires
• Encourage you to challenge and be challenged by your peers
• Develop camaraderie with fellow dancers
• Give you professional performance and competition opportunities

Boys Program Monday         5:30-6:30
Wednesday  7:15-8:30
Friday             8:15-9:15
Saturday       3:30-4:30

Please visit for further schedule.

Bayer Ballet Academy™
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Mountain View, California 94043, USA

Tel: 1.650.988.9971

Boys ProgramBoys Program


Ivan Goliandin, Master Teacher, Ballet, Character DanceIVAN GOLIANDIN
Master Teacher, Ballet, Character Dance

IVAN GOLIANDIN is a graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (Bolshoi Ballet Academy). He began his artistic career as Principal Dancer with the Natalia Satz Musical Theatre (formerly the Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre) in Moscow, Russia. There he performed lead roles such as Siegfried in Swan Lake (choreographers M. Petipa/L. Ivanov), Prince in The Nutcracker (V. Vainonen), Meners in Scarlet Sails, Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, and Prince in Cinderella (B. Ljapajev).

In Italy, for a decade, Ivan performed as a Principal Dancer with the San Carlo Theater Company in Naples. In that capacity, he collaborated with acclaimed choreographers such as R. Nureyev, R. Petit, R. North, M. Sparemblek, R. Nunez, V. Sieni, N. Glushak, F. Monteverdi, R. Fascilla, L. Cannito, among others. Some of his lead roles included Don Escamilo in Carmen (Petit), Spring in Cinderella (Nureyev), Csardas in Pipistrello (Petit), Lenskij in Onegin, Benvoglio in Romeo and Juliet (G. Cranko), First Shining Dancer in Allegro Brilliante (G. Balanchine), English Dancer in Exelsior (U. Dell Ara), Chopiniana in Les Sylphides (M. Fokin), German Official in Amarcord (Cannito), and Pas de trois, Pas de quatre in Swan Lake.

In 2007, Ivan graduated with Honors from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography with a degree in Pedagogy and Choreography. Advanced education, combined with his distinguished artistic career, has made Ivan a sought-after master teacher in Classical, Historical, and Character Dance. To date, he has created fifty or so original choreographies and staged the repertories for various international ballet performances and dance events.

In collaboration with Riccardo Riccardi, Ivan translated in Italian from Russian The School of Russian Ballet: Vaganova Method by V.S. Kostrovitskaja and A.A. Pisarev (Little Library of Arts, Gremese, 2007). This book was chosen by the National Academy of Dance in Rome as a manual for teachers and students.

Ivan is currently on the faculty of Bayer Ballet Academy™ (Mountain View, CA, USA), where he teaches Ballet Technique, Character and Partnering.

Boys ProgramBoys Program


Dance a Game strengthening and artistic movement
dance workshop

Sunday, September 13, 11:00-12:00,
Saturdays, September 19, 26 & October 3, 3:30-4:30

• 4 FREE Workshops;
• Designed for boys 8-15 years old;
• Unique playful choreography—culminated with a joyful dance performance in our studio!
• Taught by international ballet instructor Ivan Goliandin;
• No prior dance experience is required!

Add ballet artistry to your moves and get ahead of the game by strengthening your core, developing coordination while dancing and having fun!

Male ballet dancers are known for their strength, straight posture, elegant lines, flexibility and coordination. Come learn from the experts with this unique workshop offered by Bayer Ballet Company as part of its nonprofit mission to promote artistic expression through dancing.

Call 650.988.9971

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