New Adult Classes
with Master Teacher, Ivan Goliandin

Adult ballet classes will be taught by Master Teacher ­ Ivan Goliandin, graduate of Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow with many years of international experience. In addition to classical ballet, Mr. Goliandin is especially known as an expert in character dance ­ a folk ­based dance that will sure to inspire you and uplift your mood!

Ballet offers many unique benefits:

Improves Posture
Ballet exercises require use of straight posture and correct body alignment. You can feel posture improvement after only a few classes!

Tones and Sculpts Entire Body
Exercises are designed to tone and firm your core, arms, and legs muscles, without making them bulk. You will develop long and lean body. You will also strengthen core muscles of your back and abdomen, which may help relieve back pain and flatten your abdomen.

Improves Flexibility
Ballet improves range of motion, lengthens you muscles, enhances sport performance and stretching may improve circulation, increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Relives Stress
Ballet exercises require full concentration on each movement, ensuring correct position of your body and placement of your arms and legs. By shifting your focus, ballet exercises relax your mind and relieve daily anxiety.

Promotes Creative Expression and Brings you Joy
Exercise combinations are dance based and performed to beautiful classical, folk inspired or modern music pieces. They allow for self-­interpretation, bring you the purpose and joy of motion.

With different levels offered and individual approach everyone can do it! Why wait? Try it for FREE!

Schedule 2016

10:00 - 11:30 Beginning Ballet Class
11:45 -12:45 Beginning Character Dance

10:00 -11:30 Beginning Ballet Class
11:30 -1:00 Intermediate Ballet Class

10:00 -11:30 Beginning/Intermediate Ballet Class

$17 Drop in Rate, $10 Professional Rate
($160 for 10 classes if purchased in advance and used within 45 days of purchase).
No Refunds or Credits.

Master Teacher, Ballet, Character Dance

IVAN GOLIANDIN is a graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (Bolshoi Ballet Academy). He began his artistic career as Principal Dancer with the Natalia Satz Musical Theatre (formerly the Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre) in Moscow, Russia. There he performed lead roles such as Siegfried in Swan Lake (choreographers M. Petipa/L. Ivanov), Prince in The Nutcracker (V. Vainonen), Meners in Scarlet Sails, Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, and Prince in Cinderella (B. Ljapajev).

In Italy, for a decade, Ivan performed as a Principal Dancer with the San Carlo Theater Company in Naples. In that capacity, he collaborated with acclaimed choreographers such as R. Nureyev, R. Petit, R. North, M. Sparemblek, R. Nunez, V. Sieni, N. Glushak, F. Monteverdi, R. Fascilla, L. Cannito, among others. Some of his lead roles included Don Escamilo in Carmen (Petit), Spring in Cinderella (Nureyev), Csardas in Pipistrello (Petit), Lenskij in Onegin, Benvoglio in Romeo and Juliet (G. Cranko), First Shining Dancer in Allegro Brilliante (G. Balanchine), English Dancer in Exelsior (U. Dell Ara), Chopiniana in Les Sylphides (M. Fokin), German Official in Amarcord (Cannito), and Pas de trois, Pas de quatre in Swan Lake.

In 2007, Ivan graduated with Honors from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography with a degree in Pedagogy and Choreography. Advanced education, combined with his distinguished artistic career, has made Ivan a sought-after master teacher in Classical, Historical, and Character Dance. To date, he has created fifty or so original choreographies and staged the repertories for various international ballet performances and dance events.

In collaboration with Riccardo Riccardi, Ivan translated in Italian from Russian The School of Russian Ballet: Vaganova Method by V.S. Kostrovitskaja and A.A. Pisarev (Little Library of Arts, Gremese, 2007). This book was chosen by the National Academy of Dance in Rome as a manual for teachers and students.

Ivan is currently on the faculty of Bayer Ballet Academy™ (Mountain View, CA, USA), where he teaches Ballet Technique, Character and Partnering.

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